Floral Dictionary

Source – Encycloflora

A Flowers: Alstroemeria Anigozanthos
Amaranthus Anthurium
Amaryllis Asiatic Lily
Anemone Aster
B Flowers:  Baby’s Breath Blazing Star
Belladonna Lily Bouvardia
Bird of Paradise Bouvardia, double
C Flowers:   Cape Jasmine Chrysanthemum Spray, Daisy
Carnation Chrysanthemum Spray, Novelty
Carnation, Mini Chrysanthemum, Spider
Casablanca Lily Chrysanthemum, Standard
Cat’s Tail Coffee Bean
Chamelaucium Convallaria
Chrysanthemum Spray, Button Coxcomb
Chrysanthemum Spray, Cushion Cymbidium Orchid
D Flowers:   Daffodil Delphinium, Larkspur
Delphinium Dendrobium Orchid
Delphinium, Hybrid
F Flowers:   Flamingo Flower
G Flowers:   Gardenia Golden Shower Orchid
Gayfeather Grape Hyacinth
Gladiolus Gypsophila
H Flowers:   Heather Hydrangea
Helianthus Hypericum
I Flowers:   Iris
K Flowers:  Kangaroo Paws
King Protea
L Flowers:  Larkspur Lily, Casablanca
Lathyrus Lily, Oriental
Leptospermum Lily of the Valley
Liatris Limonium
Lilac Lisianthus
Lily, Asiatic
M Flowers:   Madagascar Jasmine Moth Orchid
Matthiola Muscari
N Flowers: Naked Lady Lily
O Flowers: Orchid, Cymbidium Orchid, Phalaenopsis
Orchid, Dendrobium Oriental Lily
Orchid, Oncidium Ornithogalum
P Flowers: Paper White Phalaenopsis Orchid
Peony Poppy
Persian Buttercup Prince’s Feather
Peruvian Lily Protea, King
Q Flowers:  Queen Anne’s Lace
R Flowers: Ranunculus Rose, spray
S Flowers:   Snapdragon Stephanotis
Snowball Stock
Solidaster Strelitzia
Speedwell Sunflower
Spider Mum Sweet Pea
Star of Bethlehem Sword Lily
Statice Syringa
T Flowers:  Tail Flower Tea Tree
Tassell Flower Tulip
V Flowers: Veronica
W Flowers:  Wax Flower